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"Hr1 1009 Ukko-Pekka"


This is a heavy express train, built before 1942. It is the strongest steam engine which was used for passenger traffic on Finland railways. 22 of these engines were built in the workshops at Lokomo and Tampella between 1939 and 1957, with the wheel arrangement 4-6-2. The predecessors of the Ukko-Pekka were Hv1-Hv3, but these engines did not have the extra pulling power of the express trains. The National Railway Company of Finland produced 2 prototypes of the engine from Lokomo which are considerably bigger than the old engine models. A further 20 engines were built up to 1957. Ukko-Pekka was used on the most important express trains up to the year 1963 when diesel locomotives started to be used. There are still 2 of these 22 engines in working order. Hr1 1009 was repaired in Finland by English engineers and was accepted into the mainline railway system in 1994. Hr1 1009 is owned by Steam Traction Ltd., represented in Finland by Höyryveturimatkat 1009 Oy. It is retained in the old Pasila engine depot in Helsinki. 1009 represents engines produced during the difficult times following the Second World War which is why the engine has luminous numbers and number plate instead of the usual brass plate. Otherwise it is typically representative of the Hr1 series.  



Altogether made

22 pieces

The highest speed 110 km/h 
Manufacturer Lokomo, Tampella
Years of manufacture 1937 - 1957
1009 completing year: 1948 / Lokomo Finland
Length 22.25 metres
Working weight 155 tons
Coal state 9 tons
Water state 27 m3



Höyryvetumatkat`s salon and dining cars  


The corrections of carriages began at the beginning of the year 1996 and they were brought to a conclusion in September 1996 after which they returned to Finland. The carriages have been furnished again and have been redecorated from outside and the final result is three extremely stylish, new type of carriage two of which are a restaurant/the bar carriages and one saloon car.

A 63 places restaurant car has been equipped with beer taps the customers chosen, likewise the 63 places dining car and a stylish one a 48 places one Ukko-Pekka, a saloon car . The bar carriages and pub carriages contain a service counter and storage room. The services of the dining car are prepared along on a going kitchen carriage and accommodation carriage in which there are 45 kW a generator and plenty of cold storage room for the electricity yield. The carriages can be rented also into meeting use when they stand on Helsinki.


saloon car

dining car pub car







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